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LinkedIn  I  July 11, 2020

We decided to use the trip to review the cleanliness standards – the generality of which I have decried many, many times – in the hotels in which we stayed…

The China Wire  I  June 28, 2020

Lucas Wilson had only been at his new job for four weeks when he traveled from Australia to the Spanish island of Mallorca to host a private dinner….

LinkedIn  I  May 26, 2020

This article is not about owners defaulting on loans now or who have exhausted all funds due to COVID -19 closure. Even those owners who survive…

LinkedIn  I  May 18, 2020


Hotels are looking to re-open soon. Many have announced re-opening dates and many have started…

LinkedIn  I  May 11, 2020


Owners with branded managers or branded franchisees with third-party managers know that a lot of effort is going on…

LinkedIn  I  April 27, 2020


Companies in the hospitality space –  hotels, restaurants and bars, casinos – have been touting their “toolkits” and processes…

LinkedIn  I  March 15, 2020

Hotel Owner’s Perspective:    Over the last week, sadly, the depth and breadth of the Coronavirus Emergency on the world and, in our case, the global hotel community…

LinkedIn  I  December 31, 2019

For the better part of the first half of the last decade, I ran a division of a good-sized company. I managed people who knew more about their subject matters than I did…

LinkedIn  I  June 16, 2019

Of all the roles I have had and opportunities I have pursued over the course of a now 43 year career, none has provided more personal pride and fulfillment than those related to university…

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