Strategic Affiliate

Strategic Affiliate


FCA actively sought a strategic alliance with a like-minded, high-quality advisory firm to foster mutual growth and success. The right alliance should expand geographic reach, capitalize on adjacency in capabilities, nurture a collegial atmosphere of constructive critique, and facilitate seamless business referrals.

In RLA Global, FCA has found the right alliance partner.

RLA Global was founded upon the principle that a smaller agency can produce high-quality, top-flight services and stay accessible, responsive and fully client-centric. We sought to establish an advisory where there is full transparency in the way processes and services are created and delivered.

Hands-on, decades-long experience means we’ve walked in our clients’ shoes, so we are quick to understand and assess clients’ situations. We deliver efficient, effective advice founded on practical experience and up-to-the-minute market intelligence.

“ Adding Four Corners Advisors, Inc. as a strategic affiliate expands our ability to serve our North American and international hospitality clients with the exact advisory services they need. FCA and its principal bring a unique skillset and depth of experience that complement and supplement those of RLA. ”

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