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One Man's Opinion Vol 2, No. 1

Change can be good. Of course, when it applies to me, I need to make it be good.

With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the relaunch of Four Corners Advisors, the hospitality transactions consulting firm that I established in 2007. With over 35 years of transactions experience (about 28 of those strictly in the hospitality space), ranging from sales and purchases, financings, venture agreements, management agreements, franchise and license agreements -- both domestic and international -- Four Corners Advisors brings a perspective that no one else can offer. I have been a lawyer, a broker/advisor and a transactions executive for both ownership and brand management companies. And, that skill set with which I started FCA in 2007 has been augmented by four years of oversight of a growing brand in the hotel and hotel-casino arena, with responsibility for owner relations; monitoring of brand standards; development and transactions; divisional P&L responsibility; and organizational oversight in all respects.

During my tenure at Hard Rock we -

  • supplemented and enhanced brand standards
  • created an opening Critical Path for both management and franchise, conversion and new-build
  • established a global sales function
  • hired development officers in three continents,
  • executed and implemented with the winner an RFP a brand reservations system and booking engine, and
  • integrated a newly-created cross- system, brand loyalty program into a resistant cadre of licensed hotels

I have led a brand with great recognition in one hospitality space -- Hard Rock Cafe -- to its own identity in the hotel environment, as evidenced by Hard Rock Hotels' being recognized by Market Metrix's MMHI in 2012 as the highest performing Upper Upscale brand in the Americas.

Four Corners Advisors brings that enhanced experience to bear on every assignment and every matter, from the perspective of a veteran industry executive who has written, spoken and lectured on multiple topics in the realm of transactions and otherwise affecting the industry. Additionally, the increased knowledge gained from the creation of hotel brand infrastructure and the oversight of the individuals with the necessary expertise to make that infrastructure work have made me a far better advisor with more services to offer in asset management and growth process initiatives.

In establishing Four Corners Advisors almost seven years ago, my inaugural "One Man's Opinion" promised the following:

This is what I offer to the clients and potential clients of FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS:

  • I promise to be responsive on a timely and consistent basis.
  • I promise to bring my "A" game at all times.
  • I promise that my thinking will go outside of the "four corners" of the documents.
  • I promise that, like the basketball play whose name I have honored by taking it as the name of my company, I will slow down the pace of thinking just enough to find the advantage for my client.
  • And, mostly, I promise that my opinion will be considered, temperate, reasonable and sensible.

When I sign my notes, "OMO", you will get the best I have to offer. This is why I have started FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS, and this is my pledge to you.

I repeat that promise, that pledge, now.

The principal of FCA, Michael Shindler, has over 40 years of sophisticated legal and transactional experience in commercial real estate, of which the last 30 years have been spent in the hospitality field.