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to transactional challenges.

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One Man's Opinion Vol 1, No. 1

I have established FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS for several reasons, but, perhaps surprisingly, not because I needed or wanted to work for myself. That particular goal has never been important to me.

The principal reason I have created FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS is that I have come to believe that I could offer certain characteristics to a community that might actually use my services and desire that which I offer. I believe that successful transactions require some knowledge and understanding of where the market has been and an educated forecast of where the market may be going; they require the two parties to get something of benefit to each; and they require thoughtful consideration of what each party truly needs in a transaction.

I bring to this endeavor many years of experience representing or acting for owners and developers and managers alike. I have advised lenders, owners, managers, sellers and purchasers; I have drafted sale and purchase agreements and negotiated countless mortgages. I have worked on over 100 management agreements involving the most important hotel brands in the world, both domestically and internationally. I apply my legal training to every situation, and I understand what documents say and mean. I offer 360° thinking with a firm grasp on the desirable and the possible. I can be an entrepreneur, and I can be conservative. I can provide balance in concept and act as a devil’s advocate to help bring the best result for a client and, indeed, for a transaction.

In one position I held during the 30+ years that comprise my career, I was blessed with colleagues who wanted my views on different circumstances. As we were separated by distance, I would communicate my perspective by email. When I thought that my take on a given situation might be slightly or even dramatically different from the others’, I would sign my emails, not with my name or initials, but with the close, OMO. “OMO”, as my colleagues came to know (and dread?), meant “One Man’s Opinion”. Though I would not necessarily insist that my opinion be the prevailing one, my colleagues knew that I had considered all angles and offered my thoughts to the group for consideration.

This is what I offer to the clients and potential clients of FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS:

  • I promise to be responsive on a timely and consistent basis.
  • I promise to bring my “A” game at all times.
  • I promise that my thinking will go outside of the “four corners” of the documents.
  • I promise that, like the basketball play whose name I have honored by taking it as the name of my company, I will slow down the pace of thinking just enough to find the advantage for my client.
  • And, mostly, I promise that my opinion will be considered, temperate, reasonable and sensible.

When I sign my notes, “OMO”, you will get the best I have to offer. This is why I have started FOUR CORNERS ADVISORS, and this is my pledge to you.

Though Phil Ford is widely considered the best “floor general” of the Four Corners, I attended Carolina when Charlie Scott was the Tarheels’ star. When Charlie raised his left hand with four fingers extended to call the play, it was the ‘Heels’ announcement to the crowd and the opponent that the game was in hand. In my opinion, though Phil Ford was great, no one ran the Four Corners quite like Charlie Scott did.

The principal of FCA, Michael Shindler, has over 40 years of sophisticated legal and transactional experience in commercial real estate, of which the last 30 years have been spent in the hospitality field.